Sunday, 13 May 2012

Which players will be playing safety for the Chargers?

One of the most interesting positions for the chargers is the strong safety position. With all pro Free Safety Eric Weddle playing one of the positions for sure, I will discuss the roles of the other three players most likely to play the safety position this year.

Darrell Stuckey was impressive on special teams last year and managed a few tackles starting on defense. He is growing as a player and at the age of 24 has plenty of years to improve. I cannot see him starting on defense as he doesn't seem to be experienced or quite talented enough yet. I do expect him to have more plays this year however probaly giving Eric Weddle a rest as he is the second best player at Free Safety.

Atari Bigby was picked up by the Chargers and will provide super bowl winning experience. He is my least favourite pickup for the chargers with his only real advantage for me being his experience. He is 30 however and wont be getting any better. He was poor for Seattle last year and has had problems with injuries consistently. I expect him to be backup strong safety but I hope Stuckey will play backup for both Strong Safety and Free Safety as he has much more potential.

Brandon Taylor was selected in the third round by the Chargers. The LSU product was the third best safety in the draft and should start straight away for the Chargers. He had an impressive career at LSU and will play opposite Eric Weddle who can cover Taylors mistakes and allow Taylor to learn from him. I expect Taylor to start and go into a bit of rotation with Bigby and Stuckey to give him a break.

All in all the strong safeety position seams to be fairrly weak for the Chargers and they will start a third rounder at the position. Eric Weddle will be relied upon to sure up the defense and protect from the mistakes made by the strong safeties.


  1. Well cool overview of the 3 options the Chargers got for the strong safety position.
    I think Stuckey has the potential to be a starter. Depends on his offseason workout. I go along with that rotation aspect of yours, but at the end of the season I can imagine that Taylor will have established his position as starter.

  2. yeh it depends how he starts off because safety is a very difficult position to transition from college to NFL so we will see