Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Travis LaGirl is finally gone!

After a season of mediocracy and dissapointment, Travis Laboy is gone.

The title of LaGirl was earned for his weak tackling and terrible stats last year. He was brought from the 49ers with the now also fired DC Greg Manusky with both being very dissapointing moves made by AJ Smith in the off season.
Laboy managed an average 38 tackles in 16 games and failed to make an impact clocking up just one sack. This cut was also due to the drafting of Melvin Ingram and the adding of Jarett Johnson in free agency. These two will pair up with Shaun Phillips and Antwan Barnes in what is now a much better outside linebacker for the chargers.

This is good to see the chargers wern't afraid of cutting their losses and throwing Laboy and his 1.5 million dollars in cap space out the door for the coming season.

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