Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Melvin Ingram


Who would have thought the Chargers would end up with Melvin Ingram at 18! What is there not to like about this kid? His best 40 yard dash is a 4.66 and benched 28 at the combine.

This guy is a beast I'm telling you! His arm size is a little concerning but lets not get silly here some of the best pass rushers in the game have short arms (ever heard of Jared Allen?). His game tape shows that he was a sack machine for South Carolina and is more than ready for the NFL. He even played wide rediever at High school and last year ran in a fake punt for a TD looking like running back rather than a 264lb linebacker.

I'm really unsure how this guy dropped so far I couldn't believe it when Seattle passed him up for Bruce Irvin of all people! He was a home run pick for the chargers and I think the whole of San Diego was holding their breath when Goodell came out to announce the pick because it was almost too good to be true for the chargers to grab him at 18.

Overall Ingram is a sack machine and in 5 years time I expect him to be thought of as a Junior Seau (RIP) for the chargers.

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