Wednesday, 9 May 2012

5 reasons Rivers will return to form

Phillip Rivers had a less than impressive performance last year especially in comparison to his usual high standards. Despite his 20 interceptions I don't see it happening again for a variety of reasons.

1) Previous years:

He's been consistently good every year apart from the last and I just can't see the same happening this year.

2) Fresh WR set:

He's got a new new look WR set. With a new number 1 in Robert Meacham it adds a new dimension to the attack as it contrasts the tall strong Malcom Floyd who's a go up and get  it guy with smaller speedier guy who can make the big home run plays. Chuck in the impressive rookie Vincent Brown and the slot receiver Eddie Royal and Phillip Rivers has a whole host of options

3) Don't forget Gates:

Rivers will have his hall of fame Tight End back. Antonio Gates had a nagging foot injury through the majority of the season and it was no coincidence that when he and Floyd returned the chargers started winning games again. I'll say just this that if Antonio Gates stays healthy all season the chargers will win the AFC West. And with a whole host of backup tight ends including rookie Ladarius Green, rivers will have plenty of fresh options in two tight end sets.


Rivers is one of the best if not the best quarterback in the league not to have won a championship. He will be determined to get at least to a Superbowl by the end of his career and he isn't getting any younger. To stand any chance of being recognised as one of the great quarterbacks he needs to get at least one ring, only time will tell whether he gets his just reward.

5) A franchise left tackle:

In the off season the chargers resigned Jared Gaither to protect Rivers' blind side and stop the pressure getting to him. If he can perform like he did in the last few games Rivers will have time to plant his foot and find that new variety and set of receivers.


  1. Matt (Akron, OH, USA)25 August 2012 at 19:31

    Found you through Rank's Twitter feed. Good job on your blog and good luck to Philip and your Chargers this year.

    Regarding #4, this is especially important given that his '04 classmates (Roethlisberger and Manning II) have each won two Super Bowls. Rivers is going to need to win at least one SB to burnish his reputation.

    Unless his career numbers end up Dan Fouts-level prolific, he's going to need a Super Bowl ring to earn his Hall of Fame gold jacket. He might need one even with the stats, given how many great QBs currently play and the degree to which rules changes have inflated passing stats generally.

    QB is the one position where wins truly do matter more.

    Still, Philip is a smart and talented player who clearly can accomplish all of the above.

  2. Thanks for the comment!I definately agree as Eli manning is some how being described as a better player which in my opinion simply isnt true, hes just been clutch but then again being clutch could be what makes a great quarterback...