Sunday, 13 May 2012

Can Malcom Floyd be the new Vincent Jackson?

In the offseason the Chargers lost their number 1 receiver in Vincent Jackson. Jackson was the Chargers' go to guy and made some great plays. The Bucs outbid the Chargers and we were forced to let him go.

This is however the chance Malcom Floyd deserves to show how good of a receiver he really is. He is now the only tall strong receiver on the team and that is the exact type of receiver that Rivers likes to throw to. If he becomes the go to guy along with Gates like Jackson was then he should be in for a career season. It is not certain who will be top of the wide receiver depth chart but between Floyd and Meacham the chargers will effectively have two number two's. The chargers will hope that at least one of them makes big strides and becomes a true number one.

Floyd has been plagued with injury over his career and has consistently missed three or four games to injury with the exception of 2009. If Floyd wants to be considered a top receiver then he needs to stay healthy. If he does stay healthy though I would expect him to vastly improve on his five touchdowns from last year as he should take some of Jackson's touchdowns. Even though Jackson is a big play guy, Floyd is equally so. If you take a look at both their average gains they are both excellent and are around the top of the league. Floyd has averaged a staggering 19.6 yards per catch over the last two years which shows his big play ability and how Rivers likes to throw it deep to Floyd.

Overall Floyd should be much better this year than in previous years as he is given a chance to be a primary receiver. The offseason additions of Meacham and Royal should help spread the field and give Floyd more room to make a play. So long as he avoids injury Floyd should have a 8+ touchdown season and could break the 1000 yard gain  mark.


  1. As you said it, the big question is: Will he stay healthy. Cause that´s what it will need to become a player like Vjax. But I think Meachem will have a bigger impact next season than Floyd. And the Chargers are planning with Meachem to be No.1 receiver. So if there will be a next Vjax in San Diego - IF - then I think it will be Meachem...but of course I like Floyd and who knows, if he really can stay healthy...he can be the No.1 guy Rivers is lookin´ for.

  2. Meacham should be good but I just felt that floyd is more the type of receiver in being big and tall that rivers likes to throw to and reminds me a lot of Vjax whereas meach is a speed receiver