Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The schedule...

The chargers 2012 schedule is very intersting and seems quite difficult too be honest. The difficulty with the charger schedule is there is only one game (Cleveland) which they will win for definate. They could go up to 11-5 but also 6-10 depending if they get on a good or bad run.
Every divisional game could go either way with the Broncos adding manning, the Chiefs returning from injuries and the raiders being a bogey team for the chargers over the last few years. The chargers will open and close against the Raiders showing the league recognises this new and exciting rivalry.
The week two game with Tennessee is particulary interesting as the two could well both be vying fo wildcard spots in the AFC by the end of the year so could be surprisingly close.
With the AFC West going up against the AFC North this year it is going to be a tough season for all four teams. Pittsburgh and Baltimore's defences might be well known for being some of the best in the league but the Bengals and even the Browns have exciting and relatively young defences.
The chargers are also facing the NFC South who are becoming an extremely strong division now Cam Newton is with the Panthers and the Buccaneers splashed out in free agency. It could be argued that the Saints have now been overtaken by both which shows the strength of the division.
Overall I think chargers will have a decent season assuming Rivers gets back to his old form and i expect him to lead a 10-6 team into the playoffs and as we all know once your in the playoffs, anything could happen...

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