Friday, 8 June 2012

Chargers add Ronnie Brown

The latest of the San Diego Chargers' Free Agency additions was RB Ronnie Brown who was acquisition was announced Friday afternoon. This in my opinion was a very strong pickup from the bolts as we lacked an experienced backup to Ryan Mathews.

Brown, who has played in the NFL for seven years, will provide the Chargers with key experience. He is a sound all round player who can block, catch, rush and even take snaps in the wildcat. This large range of skills should make him a very ideal third down back and takes some pressure off of Ryan Mathews who will be used a lot by the Chargers this year.

Before the addition, the Chargers were lacking experienced backups. Curtis Brinkley and the two rookies Hayes and Baker were the other options who all have a lot of potential but are not yet ready to be effective in the NFL. If Brown is retained however it will bring on the tough choice of cutting one or two of the previously mentioned players. However this is a business and you have to make tough decisions to fulfil Championship ambitions.

Overall Ronnie Brown was a very important pickup and should now really complete our offense. His average of 4.2 yards per gain should help out the Chargers but most importantly his versatility at the position will be extremely important.


  1. Hilman is not an option

  2. Replies
    1. nice one you changed it after my dude

    2. did ? first then realised I dont know why I put Hillman tbh

  3. Bah.. I do not like this move, in fact this is the most (only) misfire of an otherwise great offseason by AJ.
    Brown is obviously on the very back-end of his career and had miserable numbers last year. Yes he was truly just a back-up but even with one start he totaled only 136 yards on the entire year.

    If you're going to take a flyer on a running back who's not the star he once was, but still has something left in the tank, why would you go with Brown when you could probably get LT to come back in the exact same roll? Besides the fact he's a better option, he also is a brilliant PR move. For all the right moves that AJ has made this off-season, the fans are still (and rightly) skeptical about a front-office which has failed to get this team to the playoffs for two years. Bringing LT back to finish his career, get a shot at the Super Bowl, and actually have someone who can contribute would have gone a long way in mending burned bridges with fans, while still making a better choice than Ronnie Brown.

    1. I'm afraid I disagree but thanks for replying. LT would be great but the Chargers and AJ made a deliberate decision to move on from LT and although LT has been great he isnt the player he used to be. Brown meanwhile is still a good player, he has just struggled wth injury and got caught up in the mess in Philly. I might have prefered some other RB but lets be on honest hes dead cheap and could be a top 3rd down vet back

    2. i was hoping for grant

    3. Thing is Grant would have cost more than Brown and Chargers have little cap room and likely want room to add extra depth on Oline and possibly CB

    4. o ya thats a good point, so i guess this was our best option