Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Le'Ron McClain and Jacob Hester

Le'Ron McClain was added by the Chargers in Free Agency and will bring a with him a great run and pass blocker as well as an accomplished rusher. This allows Jacob Hester to be possibly the best backup in the league as well as a super special teamer.

Le'Ron McClain was one of AJ Smiths more inspired pickups and will contribute on offense straight away. Charger fans will hope his addition will bring back a Lorenzo Neal type effect to the Chargers running game. He will provide great running holes for Ryan Mathews which Hester hasn't quite been big enough to do over the past few years. This will force more defenders to target the runner and leave receivers and tight ends wide open opening up the Chargers offense. LeRon McClain will also contribute some rushing experience as an occasional backup to Mathews as our backup in Brinkley is very inexperienced.

McClain's addition has freed up Hester who was also resigned to be a superb backup. He was also one of the leading special team tacklers on the team. Hester will be extremely important as a backup with good pass blocking and excellent slipping out the backfield and catching passes. He will go into the offense mostly on passing downs so probably third and long situations.

Overall I love this addition for the Chargers and they should benefit both on special teams and on offense.


  1. Right on. Now, I do feel it would be awesome to bring LT for this season. Come on AJ. Dean, please step in,do the right thing.

  2. I would love to see him and so would most of SD and I reckon He'd sign if he was offered but i think the team has moved on and don't want the media distraction. I am intrigued to see if we add another running back or if we settle with McClain and Brinkley