Friday, 25 May 2012

Three toughest games for the Chargers in 2012

The AFC West are due to play the AFC North and NFC South this year, both are very strong divisions and mean there are some very difficult matches for the Chargers this season. The Chargers will also face the Jets and Titans after finishing second in their division last year and will obviously play each of their AFC West rivals twice in the year. Here I will discuss the three toughest games for the Chargers.

1) Week 4 @Chiefs: Chiefs will likely be the Chargers main rival in the division this year in my opinion as I don't believe Manning will stay healthy or be at his previous best for Denver. If this is the case the Chiefs at the Arrowhead is a tough game which the Chargers need to win if they hope to finish top of the AFC West. I fancy the Chargers against the Chiefs in San Diego, but Arrowhead is a tough ground to play at and the Chiefs are a strong side coming back from injury last year.

2) Week 5 @Saints: The Saints will be good this year. I don't care if there is no Sean Peyton, as with Drew Brees at the helm (he will eventually get his big contract) the Saints can do absolutely anything. Many people are saying the Saints will have a similar attitude to that of the Patriots after spygate and we all know how great that season was for New England when they played anyone but Eli Manning. The Saints are unstoppable in the Superdome and were 8-0 at home last year. This is the game I am most worried about for the Chargers and our pass rushers must get to Drew Brees if we are to win this game.

3) Week 14 @Steelers: Again this is an away game and a very tough one. By week 14 in Pittsburgh it will be very cold and the Chargers passing game might well suffer. By week 14 it is really crunch time for most teams and this could be a very important game for Norv Turner who desperately needs to make the playoffs. The Steelers are admittedly getting older especially on defence so they might be a weaker team this year but you can never count them out, especially when at home. It will likely be a very tough game for Rivers and his fellow offensive players.

There are many other tough games for the Chargers, to name just a few: Week 3 vs Atlanta, week 11 @Denver and week 12 vs Baltimore.

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