Saturday, 19 May 2012

Predicting Charger players in the top 100

After finding out that Philip Rivers was voted by the players on at 61 on the list of the best players in the NFL today, I will predict which other Chargers will be on the list and where.

Definite: Eric Weddle is the only definite for the Chargers to make the list. He gained all pro status last season and the only real question is will he be above Ed Reed? I doubt it myself as he has only put in one great season whereas Reed has put in many.

Possible: Antonio Gates was ranked ahead of Rivers in last years top 100 list and like Rivers he had a down year this year mainly because of injury. Gates has been a great Tight End for the Chargers and has been one of the best Tight Ends to play the game. I expect him to get on the list through his star reputation and deservedly so, but you can never be sure.

Doubtful: Ryan Mathews is the only other player for the Chargers who stands a chance of  making the list. He made the pro bowl for the first time and also had his first 1000 yard season. There have been some other players like McGahee who I don't think is as good as Rivers  but I feel that as McGahee was in the 90s, Mathews will not be on the list and will have to put in a good season this year to reach the list next year.


  1. Well first of all, Rivers at #61 is not the accurate ranking for that guy, in my opinion. Although he had a down year, but throwing over 4600 Yds and 27 TDs together with a Pro Bowl selection: for nearly any other QB this would be a highlight in his career.
    Well and to Weddle: To be over Ed Reed, that sounds like hard work. But Weddle has some time left to get there.
    And Mathews: He is good, but to be great he has to put a little bit more on the table, which I think he can and will do.
    And Gates: His nickname is Mr. Reliable - so when this guy is healthy - he will appear on this list.
    Well I guess you´re right, when you´re saying that these are currently the only Chargers, who got the realistic chance to appear on the list. We´ll see what the future brings

  2. I agree about weddle but my point was that he wouldnt be better than reed this year but probably next as reed gets older. I think Gates deserves to be on the list though however unhealthy he has been